Suriname Central Ambulance Service (SUR-CAD for short), started in 2013 with a vision where every citizen has the right to Ambulance care, regardless of the condition, the time of day or the location of the incident. From that moment on the organization did everything in order to hold their mission and vision up high.

In 2015 both the first articles of association were put on paper and the first contracts were signed for medium to large events. At the end of 2016, the first major contract was received from Staatsolie Suriname, whereby it submitted a request for medical assistance in their operations. That was the breakthrough that led to greatness.

Because every second counts.

Besides the fact that SUR-CAD is one of few, if not the only one, that is able to provide medical assistance according to international standards in their operating area, we also have a positive track record in providing services to major Multinationals, mainly in the Oil, Gas and / or Mining industry. Needless to say that our organization will be by far the perfect choice when it comes to (emergency) medical standby for your team.

It is mandatory for every incoming passenger, regardless of their purpose, to have a locally issued medical insurance. Sadly, the insurance only covers the basics and doesn’t live up to the tempo of today’s company. That’s why we offer custom services in addition to the insurance, to guarantee your wellbeing, security & smooth operations.

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