What We Do

We manage risks by being proactive, preventive and by delivering tailored safety & security solutions aimed at achieving desired quality results at minimum customer expense. Here are some of the services we offer.

Safety & Security Services

Dynamic range of services from armed or unarmed security detail, Surveillance, First Response, in-house emergency service staff, VIP Protection to Security…
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Electronic Security

In conjunction with our security & Safety services we also offer installation and monitoring of Intrusion Systems, Fire Alarm Systems…
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Crowd Management & Control

Strategic planning and coordination of all aspects for a safe event. Aspects include, but are not limited to: Security Staff, Response Team, Stewards, Medical Services…
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Customized Services

Where you feel your requirements are more challenging or unique, contact us to help you customize your solutions to address your needs.
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Who We Are

Our Innovative Management team is diverse and consists of a number of driven professionals, with depth & experience in their respective area of expertise.

The Operations Team is one of continuous professional development, ensuring that knowledge and skills are up to date, so we can guide you the best way possible when it comes to implementing our services to support your security requirements.

We have a passion for our clients results and acknowledge them as partners who we work with, instead of who we work for.

Projects Delivered
Excellence Awards

Why We Are Different



We provide our clients with quality solutions which have helped protect and secure their interests and as a result helped them to operate with confidence.



Our team consists of individuals who are professional, dynamic, progressive and eager to learn in a powerful learning and working environment.



We continually improve our products, processes and people in an effort to deliver exceptional services and experiences.



Over the years, Innovative Security Systems has provided professional services to a wide range of clients.

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Innovative Security Systems is a trusted organization, founded in 2008 by enthusiastic like-minded brothers with a common ideal.

We understand that most organizations require complete security and safety solutions, that’s why our approach is to move away from conventional methods. Whether you’re a business, home or individual, our team will be able to find you suitable solutions.

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Our Client's Testimonials



Rutger van der Stegen

“De naam Innovative doet op alle vlakken eer aan hun werkwijze! Het is een zeer professionele organisatie die durft te challengen, omdat ze net als wij de meest veilige events willen neer te zetten! De kwaliteit en veiligheid staan altijd voorop, waardoor we met veel vertrouwen en prettig samenwerken.”

Torarica Hotel & Casino

Elena Tjin A Sioe

“We have used the Security Services of Innovative Security Systems for covering our events for the past 10 months. It is a company that offers a full package within the business from planning till break up. Young professionals who are eager to think with you on any event.”

Scientia NV

Regina Bouterse-Vallentak LL.M

“Scientia NV ervaart Innovative Security Systems als een eigentijds beveiligingsbedrijf dat haar personeel opleidt, toerust en ernaar streeft haar diensten op professionele wijze aan de klanten te verlenen.”


Jeet Kalloe

“Prima partner die diensten levert aan een Europese organisatie naar Europese standaarden. Nog niet helemaal daar, maar er wordt samen met de klant hard aan de weg getimmerd.”

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Where you feel your requirements are more challenging or unique, contact us to help you customize your solutions to address your needs. Our friendly, focused and enthusiastic staff, ensure your expectations are met!


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