Think of Security as if it were the umbrella in a storm protecting you from the rain. Your Safety lies in the importance of staying warm and dry. Security is the safeguard that ensures our safety remains constant.

We understand that whether it is your crucial production process, valuable assets, the enjoyment of your guests or peace and privacy at your residence, the objective of the security contractor is to help insure that they go undisturbed and your risks remain at acceptable levels.

Armed and Unarmed Security Detail

Our staff is handpicked. They undergo an extensive background screening, comprehensive classroom and onsite training to ensure that they meet our minimum quality requirement. Our zero-tolerance policy enforces/ensures that integrity and values of the client are protected.

Mobile Patrol Surveillance and First Response

Secure your facility against vandalism and theft with our dependable mobile patrol services including standard patrol, inspections, alarm response and security escorts.

EMS Services and In-house Emergency Staff

By combining extensive security training with certified medical training, diligent research, planning, dedication, and passion, our goal is not only to secure assets, but also enhance the safety of your workplace and well being of your employees and guests.

Through diligent research, in-depth customer touch points, and dedication of the company’s team, our goal is to deliver our customers products and services that exceed their safety and compliance needs, expectations, and goals.

  • Awareness + Preparation = Safety

Electronic Security Innovations

By combining our highly trained security officers with the latest in electronic security, we are able to provide better security all while reducing security budgets.

Temporary Security Services

Whether you need instant security for an unexpected threat or you are planning for a few months down the road, we offer a reliable ways to cover your temporary security needs.

Security Surveys

Even though overall the implemented measures may look similar, every property is different in more ways than you think. A security risk assessment can help understand exactly what your liabilities are.

With our knowledge from real-life experience can assess your facility in order to identify vulnerabilities and make intelligent, cost-effective security recommendations.

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