In contrast to the traditional CCTV systems which are reactive in nature. Their flaws are often identified after the event occurred, Remote Video Monitoring is a more proactive approach and rather more effective than conventional intrusion alarm installations. Because they are constantly being watched they are able to catch intruders in the act.

Remote video monitoring is based on dispatchers watching events in real time to actively deter criminals through speaker systems or notify police of a ‘live crime in progress.’ Police response times for live crime is often faster than  typical unverified or false alarms.

Remote Video Monitoring

Other advantages of using Remote Video Monitoring are:

Reduced security monthly budget

Remote Video Monitoring are actually less expensive than on-site security guards.

 A Low Monthly Fee

Equipment, installation and maintenance are all rolled up into an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Never Sleeps and don’t need breaks

While security guards can drift off to sleep and need breaks, dispatchers are closely monitored and backed by smart configurations and analytics notifying supervisors of all activities. When dispatchers break their post are filled by trained relievers until they can properly cover the site again. 

Greater coverage of your site

Onsite guards are limited to their view, large sites take time to patrol around and often require more than one officer to cover. Remote Video Monitoring allows for coverage of multiple part at once especially areas that are difficult or impossible for a security guard to observe.

Cannot be Intimidated or Threatened

Video cameras and speaker systems cannot be intimidated, threatened or injured by intruders. Standard protocol for security guards when threatened is to find save cover and call for backup. Cameras are effortlessly replaced while lives aren’t.

A quicker Police Response if a Crime is Verified

Live video monitoring allows to better determine if an active alarm is triggered by an actual threat. Verified Crime Response protocol is swifter and does not require an escalation process. Police assistance is immediately initiated.

Records Activities 24/7

Besides monitoring our solutions provides the added benefit to record all activities 24/7. Video footage are accessible to the client via their own client access.

Video Analytics

Our intelligent solutions provides advanced video analytics that can provide information on people, traffic, objects, and property based on customer defined parameters and improve security and surveillance as well business intelligence collection.

Remotely Viewing of your Site

Clients can remote access site cameras on PC’s, laptops or mobile devices.

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