From small private or corporate events to large gatherings, it is important for the safety of the crowd, that they can gather and move safely on and around the venue. This requires strategic planning and coordination of all aspects for a safe event. Aspects include, but are not limited to, Security Staff, Response Team, Stewards, Medical Services, Corporate & door Supervision and Event Logistics.

We are pleased to offer our clients a range of services that can be used in combination or individually, providing a flexible approach to security provisions.

Security staff

We have a professional database of licensed staff suitable for all the roles you may need, ranging but not limited to: Ingress and Egress Control (with bag searches if required), check points, campsite security, pit crew, customer services, VIP, bars, trade areas, perimeter control.

We also provide Response/Mobile security teams. These teams will respond to occurrences, which require additional assistance. This may be a result of an incident or to try stopping an incident from happening.



Our stewards have a thorough understanding and awareness on safety, however they are not required to be licensed and so are used for a number of security unrelated duties, ranging from but not limited to: customer service points, car parks, supporting positions such as ingress and egress control, helping with the direction of traffic or crowds, checking accreditations, manning crossings


Medical services

If you require medical services we can put you in touch with the professional medical companies, having one point of contact for your security and medical needs could save you valuable time. Speak to us where we will be pleased to help you

Corporate/Door Supervision

Our professional door supervisors provide a more traditional approach to the security function and image.

Our smart attire and experience makes ISS a right choice to support your event or venue anywhere.


Event Logistics

Our team will carefully plan and incorporate techniques to enhance safety and enjoyment at the event. The most important logistic measures to have in place.

Way-finding Signage

Clear and organized signage to help people orient themselves and navigate from one place to another. Wayfinding signage points the crowd to specific directions such as exits, lavatories, parking lots, POS stations etc.


Crowd Flow and Queue Management

To have solutions in place throughout the facility so people can continue to move in the right direction. Solutions can vary from very sophisticated velvet ropes for corporate events, to barriers for a more heavy crowd.

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